Booking Inquiries

Greetings bands, artists, and agents.

If you are interested in booking your act at Thunder Road, please contact Dan Millen at

We look for exciting, crowd pleasing music of many styles including Roots Rock, Rock n’ roll, Reggae, Funk, Blues and R&B, Jam, Singer / Songwriter and more.  Above all we love bands that are professional, care about giving a fun live show, who understand that the success of all shows is a partnership between the band and the venue, and are motivated to promote their shows to their highest ability.

We are committed to developing acts, and would love to see all the bands we book grow into local, regional and national headliners.

When contacting us, be sure to include your webpage and social media links, along with links to live videos of previous performances.  Please also give us a rundown of other venues you’ve played in the Boston area, an idea of how many fans come to your shows, and any other info that will help us make an informed decision.  Please be honest.  We will try to get back to everyone as quickly as we can, even if we can’t book your act, we promise we’ll be nice about it!

Bear in mind we are exclusively a 21+ venue, so if your primary audience is under 21 we will likely need to defer.

Thanks, and we look forward to working with you!