Beer Menu

Greetings beer lovers!
We love beer, and we know you do too, so our in house beer experts have painstakingly crafted (see what we did there?) an excellent selection of some of the best tasting brews available!  We are always swapping it up and adding new flavors, so come on down and enjoy, there’s a brew for everyone.


Lagunitas IPA  6
Harpoon IPA  6
Harpoon UFO Pumpkin  6
Speakeasy Prohibition Ale  6
Mayflower Porter  6
Slumbrew Happy Sol  6
Cisco Whale’s Tale  6
Cisco Grey Lady  6
Yuengling  5
Magic Hat #9  6
Founders All Day IPA  6
Downeast Cider  6
Sierra Nevada October Fest  6
Bud Light  5


Bud 5
Bud Light 5
Coors Light 5
Corona 6
Harpoon Cider 6
Heineken 6
Cisco Indie IPA 6
Miller High Life 5
Narragansett 5
Pabst Blue Ribbon 5
Cisco Sankaty Light 6
Stella Artois 6
Harpoon Take 5 6
Harpoon UFO White 6
Yuengling Light 5
Shiner Bock 6