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Christian Lopez Band, The DayBreakers

Saturday, August 4 @ 8:00 pm | 21+ $10 advance / $12 day of Show

Christian Lopez Band

For singer, songwriter and guitarist Christian Lopez,
Nashville has become a home away from home. That’s where he
comes to write. He rehearses there with his band. His debut
album and Red Arrow, his brand new follow-up for Blaster
Records, were recorded in Music City too.

But his heart? His long-term dream? Well, they’re rooted
someplace far away from Music Row, to the place where he
was born and knows he will never leave.

“I’ve dedicated 100% of my life and time to my music. I
work on some aspect of it every day. But I also see myself
back in West Virginia someday, with a house and a big yard
where I can relax. And a dog too,” he adds quickly, with a
laugh. “You could say that’s the American Dream. For me,
it’s more specifically my West Virginian dream.”

Handsome, thoughtful and well spoken, Lopez is less
concerned with the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle than with
spending time back home with friends, family and the old
cars he and his dad like to tinker with. At the same time,
as interest in his multiple talents heats up, this only
feeds into his fascination with discovering places, ideas
and music. Lopez has been stoking that fire for five years,
since he began touring and learning how to turn a bunch of
bar patrons into foot-stomping, cheering fans.

By that time, Lopez had already laid the foundation of a
distinctive sound and style. Drawn first to the power of
classic rock ’n’ roll, Lopez enriched and expanded on this
foundation at age 15. “That’s when my dad brought me those
The Essential compilation albums from Willie, Waylon,
Johnny and Kris,” he remembers. “It was then that I started
to realize that meaning and message could matter in music.”

So he started to write. He widened his listening, going
deep into and beyond traditional country toward what wasn’t
yet labeled as Americana. When inspiration struck, he
responded with a song. Soon inspiration became a frequent
caller. Originals nudged covers out of the way on his set
lists. His love for music transformed into certainty that
performing his own songs was what he had been born to do.

Eventually Lopez connected with Grammy-winning producer
Dave Cobb in Nashville. Their creative synergy ignited on
Lopez’s first album, Onward, released in 2015. “Working
with Dave taught me to trust my first instincts and not to
overthink my ideas because the magic usually comes
naturally,” he says. “I’ll remember that forever.”

Two years later, with characteristic curiosity, Lopez
decided to explore different paths for his sophomore
project. Over nine months, he tempered the intuitive
approach he had cultivated for Onward with a more measured
process, beginning

1222 16TH AVENUE SOUTH, STE. #11, NASHVILLE, TN 37212 •

with the careful selection of producer Marshall Altman. “It
was almost like a science experiment,” he says, with a
laugh. “But that’s what I thought recording would be like
when I was a kid — a work of art rather than just throwing
together a bunch of songs.”

The songs, too, were different. His recent works reflected
a more perceptive view of the world as well as a greater
self-awareness. Some of this came from co-writing, which
he’d never done before. “It did help me expand my thought
process and come up with ideas I never would have on my

All of which makes Red Arrow a milestone for this emerging
artist. On “Don’t Wanna Say Goodnight,” Lopez kicks into
high gear, riding by the rockabilly rhythm as if hearing it
for the first time. A different innocence informs “Swim The
River,” through lyrics that conjure the thrill of young
love. On the other hand, “1972” is a disarmingly
affectionate tribute to his International Harvester Scout —
and the romantic adventures it has witnessed. Writing with
Mindy Smith and Josh Williams, Lopez came up with “Still On
Its Feet,” an eloquent analogy equating beloved old piece
of furniture with one who has weathered hard times; Vince
Gill’s guitar accompanies Lopez’s intimate vocal. And for
more classic harmony singing, look no further than
“Caramel,” where Lopez and Kenneth Pattengale of Milk
Carton Kids blend their voices and acoustic guitars with a
synchronicity the Everly Brothers might have admired.

There’s much more as well, but pay special attention to
“Steel On The Water.” Lopez wrote this one alone, on his
last night aboard the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis
en route from Pearl Harbor to San Diego. Brought onboard to
entertain 5,000 sailors on their way home, he ended up at
least as moved by their stories as they were by his music.

“This is maybe the most personal song I’ve written yet,”
Lopez says. “When you come from the outside and join a
bunch of people who’ve been living on that ship for years
at a time, they gravitate toward you. They want to talk
with you. They tell you everything. You’re almost like a
refuge to them. It’s overwhelming, especially coming from
kids your age.”

Lopez was struck especially with the parallel he sensed
between their lives and his as he embarks ever further and
for longer hauls away from his West Virginia home. But he
understood the differences in their missions too. “The
first lines talk about how ‘some go for school; some go for
tradition and some go for a last resort.’ I had
conversations with people on that ship who had done those
things. I was so emotional when it was time to leave them.”

On these songs and the album’s six other offerings, Red
Arrow does us a service. For many, it will introduce an
artist whose singing radiates youthful infatuation with
life through songs rooted in a reverence for American
tradition. To those who have already had the pleasure of
discovering him, it documents the next stage of a journey
toward wisdom, insight, perhaps heartbreak and a fruitful
crop of great new songs to come. For Lopez, maybe it’s a
ticket on that trip that will lead to faraway places yet
end back home in West Virginia. Through his music we travel
with him, beginning here.


The DayBreakers

Blending folk-rock melodies with blues guitar muscle and rock and roll grit, the DayBreakers have earned their stripes over four years of consistent gigging throughout New England.

The band has played many of Boston and Cambridge’s most revered rooms, sharing the stage with some of the region’s best roots rockers, such as Entrain and the Silks. The band has also performed as an opener at Indian Ranch in Webster, MA for three years running, opening for Three Dog Night, The Beach Boys, and Bret Michaels.

Brian Owens of Metronome Magazine describes the sound as “Blurring the lines between country and rowdy rock and roll, and serving up a notable jangle that’s been lacking in most modern music.”  

The band’s debut record, self-titled and self-released, received substantial CMJ airplay upon its release. Their second album, slated for a spring 2018 release, will be recorded with Rob Loyot (Entrain, Girls Guns and Glory, Sarah Borges) as engineer and producer, as well as Kevin Zahner (Bubba Hernandez, Matt Dunn, Clay Thrash) on drums.




Saturday, August 4
8:00 pm
21+ w/ Valid Id Only - Fee Free Tix Available at the Club (Cash only) after 5 PM
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